Our autonomy won’t come easy.


To succeed we wish for obvious things, but these things are made difficult to get.

We want the continuous intrusion of our space to go away. We wait for the recurrent sense of danger to disappear. 

We long for the underestimation of our abilities and work to just - stop.


We don’t want to be interpreted as one-dimensional any more. We can be sexual, vulnerable, leaders and nurturing - all at once. All present in one body and mind. In fact, we don’t want to be interpreted by others at all. We want to depict ourselves. We struggle, we cry, but keep on moving forward and advance, because we are tenaciuos and in fact - strong.


Most of all - we are together.


Every woman is an army, and together we are - one woman army




Music: David Jassy for Jassy World Entertainment

Director and editor: Haben Solo

Photography and color grading: Haben Solo & Alexander Sundström Barrientos